TE030 The Wet Finger Problem

June 30, 2017

Simon and Neil back again with weird audio but discussing tech news none the less:


One plus 5
Champagne gold!!! Wh... What?!?!
New keyboard needed by simon for Windows
Kickstarters.  Always a sucker for em
Phones. Why you so spensive
Mini SNES great games
Super Metroid
Super Mario Kart
Street Fighter II Turbo
Starfox II previously unreleased
Iphones selling 10 a second bonkers
Qualcomm fingerprint scanner under glass
Cameras under the screen next?
Sulphur batteries
Curved escalator. WTF
Ios 11 installed. Really nice. Accessiblity is great
Wear 2.0 testing all good
Tech press. Positive/ negative cycle
Neil is a Xennial. What's that
We talk about being old in relation to tech
Magnetic drill
Bullet proof wood pulp

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