TE031 Magic Conductive Road of Magic

July 7, 2017

Different week, different audio problem. We are totally experts at this point.

Tech happened:


Tesla Model 3
Ultra thin cars???
Tunnels by the boring company
Self driving cop car dubai
Robot police, what's that all about eh?
Self driving car and kangaroo
Self driving deliveries from Ocado
Different delivery mechanism
Bakeries in supermarket
One Plus 5 
Google Pixel 2 when you releasing???
Iphone. What's coming this year
Panasonic deoderising coat hanger
Robotic furniture
So black. The blackest of blacks

TE030 The Wet Finger Problem

June 30, 2017

Simon and Neil back again with weird audio but discussing tech news none the less:


One plus 5
Champagne gold!!! Wh... What?!?!
New keyboard needed by simon for Windows
Kickstarters.  Always a sucker for em
Phones. Why you so spensive
Mini SNES great games
Super Metroid
Super Mario Kart
Street Fighter II Turbo
Starfox II previously unreleased
Iphones selling 10 a second bonkers
Qualcomm fingerprint scanner under glass
Cameras under the screen next?
Sulphur batteries
Curved escalator. WTF
Ios 11 installed. Really nice. Accessiblity is great
Wear 2.0 testing all good
Tech press. Positive/ negative cycle
Neil is a Xennial. What's that
We talk about being old in relation to tech
Magnetic drill
Bullet proof wood pulp

TE029 Grows A Moustache

June 16, 2017

Simon and Neil talk E3 and recent Tech news, like:


Bloatware bleurgh. Fresh install option win 10
Xbox one X. No Scorpio no more
6 teraflop GPU
12GB of GDDR5 memory
Isotropic filtering????
Liquid cooled vapour chamber
Smallest xbox ever $499
Back compat for OG Xbox games
All current accessories work with X
AC Origins
Metro Exodus
Minecraft cross platform plus super duper 4K graphics
The Last Night
Ori and the will of the wisp
(Super) Lucky's Tale (none VR???)
Cuphead finally
Playstation!!!¡!!!! Pre show
Gran Tourismo Sport
Super hot VR to PS VR
Sparc. Weird tron like 1 v 1
Main show
Crash Bandicoot trilogy
Gold PS4!!!!!!! WTF
Bangra music for a looooooong time then trailer for uncharted the lost legacy. Not a nathan drake game. Looks great 
Starts snowing in the auditorium. Trailer for Horizon DLC???. The Frozen Wilds
People hanging from the ceiling and convulsing at the relevant part of Days gone trailer
Zombie Bear
Shadow of the colossus remake
PS VR Skyrim 
Star child. Side scrolling platformed in VR
God of War
Spiderman lots of quick time
Metroid Prime 4. Coming sometime possibly
Yosho game. Cardboard real life looking environments
Allllllll the Manga games. Obviously. 
Zelda expansions
Amiibos of course
Mario + rabids
Rocket league with cross network play
Mario Odyssey. Its all about hats and possession
Other news
Pixel only sold 1 million
One Plus 5 price leak $479
Atari box
National Video Games Arcade - Nottingham
Tertill weed killer
Ios11 smart invert accessibility 
Battery from trash

TE Special: WWDC 2017 Commentary

June 5, 2017

This week is a special episode as Neil and Simon commentate on the Apple WWDC Keynote for 2017


TE 028 A 6 Year Old Didn’t Make It

June 2, 2017
Tech Enthusicast here with the latest Tech News like:
Asus 16.9mm with a 1080 graphics card
Intel Teeny Tiny computer (credit card sized)
Mini Disk. Remember!
Eve V
Simon wants a Dell!!!!
Dell outlet store for refurbs
Amazon Warehouse
Essential phone
Essential home with Ambient OS
LG V30
One plus 5 teamed with DXO
Referral program
Alpha Go
Freshwater salt water energy
Wind turbines
LED lights
Colour changing flashing LED eyelashes
Total Recall
Beard decoration
School rocket

TE 027 Small Yellow & Leech Like

May 26, 2017
Cross platform copy/paste
One drive in the cloud
Surface laptop and pro why no USB C
Car play experience
Google assisstant
Googles project Treble 
Android Go
Instant apps
Google photos removing objects 
New Amazon tablets, refresh
Laptops are back
Ads in mobile games
Launch loved ones remains into space for $2.5k
Bragi pro headphones. Its a real live babel fish
The future!!!!!!!!!!

Tech Enthusicast Episode 026

May 12, 2017
Simon and Neil chat about Tech News food and other bits and bobs:
Echo Show
Video chat apps. Too many
Harman Kardon Invoke Speaker
GE smart lamp with Alexa built in
Latest version of Opera browser
Moto GP 2019 all electric
Self driving motorcycles aaaaargh
One plus 5
Surface laptop
Upcoming Microsoft event??? What is it
Google Fuschia
Ios 11 Google I/O both upcoming?
Espresso phone case
Kick starter woes
Why do we get suckered by kickstarters

Tech Enthusicast Episode 025

May 5, 2017

Tech Enthusicast is here to discuss such important matters as:


Echo Vision 
Are your clothes cool enough
Google home multiple users
Google trips improvements
Siri speaker
Anker NB10 Soundbuds
Spotify hardware + behind the lyrics
Doritos bag MP3 player
Copyless  pasting on android 
ARM powered windows PC
Kodi voice search 
First coal free day in UK since industrial revolution
Exercise detection
Spy satellites
Clear coffee

Tech Enthusicast Episode 024

April 7, 2017

Tech Enthusicast is back again. This week Simon and Neil chat about:


S8 face recognition fooled by pic
Face detection on other platforms
Buying a webcam?
Logitech longevity
Apple making own graphics chips
Matrix Voice board for Raspberry Pi
Madcatz out of business
Grass to jetfuel
Maps. No but real ones, made out of paper
Drones used to exchange lab samples
April fools
Ginger emoji
Milk Ice cubes
Projection mapping on faces (cool video Below)
Cat pics are good for you
<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/210599507" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Tech Enthusicast Episode 023

March 31, 2017

Simon and Neil back for a weekly Tech discussion including:


AI algorithm beats traffic
Zipper fixes on youtube
Audio wallpaper
Ikea doing smart home/ lights
Andy Rubin Essential bezelless smartphone
Always android, all the time
S8 all the cool stuff
Note 7 refurb
Muji jeans smart phone pocket
What's your pocket set up
Google home and wifi in uk
Surface book release in uk
Android O
Android wear 2.0 finally coming to some watches
Making a CD
When did you last buy a CD?
Always bullseye dartboard
Low background steel